More than Money: Coins in Iron Age Britain

Thanks to a grant from the University of Oxford, we led a Public Engagement with Research (PER) project. The introduction of coins is seen as a marker of change in Iron Age society in Britain. It is easy to see these early coins as equivalent to today's money, but current research challenges this assumption.  Through the resources created by the More than Money project, you can learn how coins were made, the history of their use in Britain via a factsheet, and explore different Iron Age coin iconography through various imaging techniques.
The project team included: Courtney Nimura (PI, Oxford), Peter Hommel (Liverpool), Rowan Guthrie (Ashmolean Museum), Jade Whitlam (PER Liaison, Oxford), Peter Walters (Engineering Sciences, Oxford), and Molly Masterson (DPhil student, Oxford). This website was created by Courtney Nimura and Molly Masterson.

Unless otherwise noted, all images ©Ian R. Cartwright,
Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford